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Colorado Commission
on Uniform State Laws

The Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws (CCUSL) is created in section 2-3-601, C.R.S., and is charged with working with the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) to promote uniformity in state laws where uniformity may be deemed desirable and practicable. This is achieved by developing proposed uniform legislation through the ULC that can be adopted by the various state legislatures.

Uniform laws are developed after formation of a study committee and, if the results of the study are positive, a drafting committee. Draft acts are submitted to ULC at its annual meeting. Each act must be considered section by section at no less than two annual meetings by all commissioners sitting as a Committee of the Whole.

The 2014-2015 Guide to Uniform and Model Acts lists the uniform and model acts currently recommended for enactment.

At its 124th Annual Meeting, this year held in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Uniform Law Commission approved seven new acts for adoption by the states:
  • Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act
  • Uniform Home Foreclosure Procedures Act
  • Revised Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
  • Uniform Trust Decanting Act
  • Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receiverships Act
  • Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act
  • Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
Also at the Annual Meeting, the Executive Committee of the ULC authorized the appointment of two new drafting committees and three new study committees. These are in addition to the new committees  authorized at its 2015 Midyear meeting.  The four new drafting committees are:
  • Drafting Committee on a Uniform Electronic Registry for Residential Mortgage Notes
  • Drafting Committee to Revise the Uniform Principal and Income Act
  • Drafting Committee on a Model Veterans’ Court Act
  • Drafting Committee on Amendments to the Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act
The six new study committees are:
  • Study Committee on Involuntary Pornography
  • Study Committee on Model Equal Rights Act
  • Study Committee on Regulation of Drones
  • Study Committee on Bad Faith Patent Litigation
  • Study Committee on Declarations of Quarantine
  • Study Committee on Possible Amendments to the Uniform Parentage Act, and other ULC Acts, in Light of Potential Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Same-Sex Marriage
Here are links to ULC’s currently operating study committees and drafting committees.

Videos concerning the ULC are available here.

CCUSL Meetings and Uniform
Laws Adopted in Colorado

Under Joint Rule 24 (b) (1) (D), CCUSL may recommend bills for introduction during a legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly. CCUSL meets at the annual summer ULC conference to adopt a preliminary legislative agenda for the upcoming regular session. It then typically meets at least once prior to the next regular session to finalize the agenda.

Uniform acts adopted by the Colorado General Assembly are available here.

Upcoming Committee Schedule

The next CCUSL meeting is scheduled for the ULC national conference in Stowe, VT, scheduled for July 7 through 14.

CCUSL's meeting notices and agendas are available here.

Subscribe to the CCUSL mailing list if you wish to receive an e-mail notification that the CCUSL has an upcoming meeting.

ULC Acts approved by the CCUSL for introduction in the 2016 Session of the Colorado General Assembly are available here.

CCUSL Membership

Colorado's commissioners are required to be attorneys admitted to practice law in Colorado. Six members are appointed or reappointed by joint resolution of the General Assembly and serve terms of two years. Serving as commissioners for 2016 are Robert Gardner, Claire Levy, Anne McGihon, Brandon Shaffer, Senator Pat Steadman and Representative Yeulin Willett.

In addition, any Colorado citizen who is elected as a life member of the ULC (after twenty years of membership) is a member of the Colorado Commission. The currently active life members are Thomas Grimshaw, Donald Mielke, and Charles Pike.

The Director of the Office of Legislative Legal Services, or the Director's designee, has the same status as appointed members of the commission and also serves as the ex officio secretary of the Colorado Commission. Thomas Morris was appointed as the Director's designee to the Commission on March 2, 2011.  The Office of Legislative Legal Services also provides assistance to the legislative members of the Colorado Commission in their efforts to enact legislation regarding uniform acts.  The Committee on Legal Services is statutorily charged with filling vacancies on the Colorado Commission.

Here are lists of former and current members of CCUSL, organized chronologically and alphabetically.

CCUSL Annual Reports

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